How to exempt a property valuation from taxation on cadastral value?

Every time, several thousand property valuation possessors are forced to make high financial payments related to real estate.

Real estate possessors are trying to fairly reduce the financial burden, which is determined by the cadastral value of objects. The legal duty reduction is accompanied by the rejection of real estate from the objects of Composition378.2 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation.
It isn’t always possible to use the possibility of withdrawing a property from the computation of duty at the cadastral value.

First, it’s necessary to consider the criteria by which this or that real estate is included in the list of objects, the taxation of which is carried out at the cadastral value. For each region, as well as for large metropolises, different lists are established, but for the medication of all of them there’s one deadline- until November 30 inclusive.

Criteria for adding a property to the list
1. A structure infelicitous for habitation of any size, which is located near trade installations, public catering installations, and also close to consumer services.
2. An uninhabitable structure with an area of further than,000 square measures. According to the act of state real estate, when using further than 20 of the total area for trade, services, or fast food places.
3. A room infelicitous for habitation in a domestic structure. When using further than 20 of the area for trade, services,etc.
4. structures infelicitous for habitation andnon-residential demesne in structures located near rambler zones.
In the event that your property valuation doesn’t fall under any of the below criteria, you can withdraw this object from taxation at the cadastral value.

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