Property Valuers Predict A Recovery In The Real Estate Market

Property Valuers, In the spring among the buyers of real estate in Ukraine is expected to increase interest in private homes and non-residential properties. After the weakening of quarantine restrictions in large cities, comfortable houses with their own territory will be especially in demand, market experts expect.

In 2020, it was during this period that the demand for the purchase of houses and cottages increased, which was one of the consequences of the previously announced lockdown. As for price changes, they remain at a stable level for the period of restrictions, and after the restrictions are lifted, they increase. Buyers began to pay more attention to land plots, which are profitable to acquire for further construction of facilities. Real estate industry experts say that the dynamics of the market will not change significantly during the quarantine period, however, the delay in transactions may be about 2-3 weeks. The cost of various segments of real estate will depend on the liveliness of the market, as well as on factors such as changes in the exchange rate, rising prices for materials and construction work, the balance of supply and demand.
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